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Thank you for choosing Advanced Dental Care as your Painless, Affordable, and Trusted Family Dental provider. We are very happy to welcome you to our dental practice and to our family, and would like you to know that we appreciate the opportunity of taking care of you and your loved ones with the compassion, trust, and respect that you all deserve. Like any close knit family, you can count on us to be there when you need us. Our office is focused on providing you with highest quality, state-of-the-art, trusted, gentle dental care.

  • Highest Quality: Our highly trained doctors and their persistence in using the best dental labs in the country ensure that the quality of dentistry that we provide is beyond exceptional and to your satisfaction.
  • State-of-the-Art Dentistry: Utilizing the latest techniques and technology has given us the ability to provide patients with the highest degree of diagnostic tools, education, comfort, and permanent pain-free procedures.
  • Trusted, Gentle Dental Care: Our number one emphasis lies in patient satisfaction. We are here only for you!!! From the clinical personnel to the administrative personnel and throughout the office, only one mission is to be accomplished:
Our Mission


Your Doctor’s Goal

To achieve PHYSIOLOGICAL (health), FUNCTIONAL, and AESTHETIC dentistry through COMPREHENSIVE treatment planning for ALL our patients.

First to have a healthy mouth…then to have a functional mouth…then to talk about6 an aesthetically pleasing mouth…in that order!

Convenience: ALL aspects of Dentistry under one roof. Convenient Daytime, Evening, & Weekend Hours. 24 Hour Doctor Contact for Emergencies. Most Insurances accepted. Extended payment options and Payment Plans available.
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Comprehensive Treatment Planning: There are no surprises every time you come to the dentist, because our philosophy is to educate you with our state-of-the art technology about your entire mouth so that you can understand your treatment and make complete informed decisions.
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Practically No Pain Dental Care: One of the main reason people love our office is because we do EVERYTHING possible to make sure you don’t feel a thing! One of my goals is to make pain, fear, and anxiety a thing of the past when going to the dentist! I personally have a low tolerance for pain. I don’t want to hear, “This will only hurt a little.” No, that’s not good enough for me. As far as I’m concerned… I Don’t Want It To Hurt At All! I’ve always hated even the prick of that darn needle …but… there is now a great way we can give you an almost 100% pain-free injection!
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Affordable Dentistry for the Entire Family: We know dentistry isn’t the most inexpensive cost in your life, even though it is a necessity. We’ve found that putting off dental care has led to some disastrous dental experiences for our patients that could have easily been avoided if they came in and received minimal care. With that said, we accept most insurances, and we have payment options that allow you to run your payments as far as 5 years out.
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NO Cavity Children’s Program: We specialize in helping parents raise cavity free children. We used to blame cavities on too many sweets and poor teeth brushing habits. It used to be the child’s fault. However, those days are over. With improved technology it may be possible to eliminate tooth decay in children. In other words, the unpleasant dental experiences of your youth do NOT have to be repeated on your children. We do everything in our power to make sure you are aware of the specific ways to prevent tooth decay for your child. What that means is you save money and your child remains healthy!
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Guilt-FREE Dental Office: Studies have shown that the #1 reason people put off their dental care has nothing to do with fear or pain, but has to do with the guilt of putting off the dentist. People keep putting it off, because they are afraid to get lectured by the doctor and staff. At our office, if we lecture you or make you feel guilty, you get a FREE gift certificate for Dinner for two.
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Cutting Edge, State-of-the Art Dentistry: Every year the doctors and staff of Advanced Dental Care are committed to further continuing their education to the newest and most cutting edge procedures and techniques that dentistry has to offer. With this, comes in the office the most advanced technologies available in dentistry to diagnose and treat you, the patient in a fast, painless and efficient manner.
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Immediate emergency Service!: If you ever experience a dental emergency. I will make sure you are seen immediately no matter what time or day of the week it is. We also offer 24 hour doctor contact. If we are unable to see you, we will make sure that you are seen at one of our affiliate office
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Drill Free Dental Care: We use lasers to eliminate cavities! In most cases, laser dentistry can be used to do most procedures without the use of drills or needles.
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Fear NOT!!!: With sedation dentistry (sleep dentistry, relaxation dentistry) and nitrous oxide you no longer need to be afraid of those long, sharp needles or drills.
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No Waiting Room: When you come to our office, you’ll notice that you don’t wait a second. The moment you show up, your care begins. If you ever wait longer than 20 minutes, we knock $20 off your bill.
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Our Monthly Patient NewsLetter: Every month, like clockwork, it is jam packed with incredible insights for the whole family. Plus, each month we have a quick tip on ways to keep your family healthy, and announce the winners of our referral rewards program.
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Free Seminars and Open Houses: Since we know you care about your appearance and family health. A couple of times a year, we have seminars and open houses for both dentists and patients that cover topics such as:
Implant Dentistry
Smile Makeovers
Overall Facial Esthetics
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"...I always hated my bonding on my front tooth and Dr.Patel changed that for me.

The veneers made my smile look brighter and more of the same shape. I am very thankful to all of the doctors and staff for their courteous and pleasant attitudes whenever I have visited the office.”

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